Jiří Genzer (*1953)

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  • Model

    Jiří Genzer, 2022 | bronze #1/6, height 70 cm

    3680 €

    Catalog number: 22310188
    Availability: for sale

  • Reborn

    Jiří Genzer, 2021&2022 | sandstone, height 153 cm


    1600 €

    Catalog number: 22310187
    Availability: for sale

  • Art Nouveau

    Jiří Genzer, 2017 | tin, height 71 cm


    1760 €

    Catalog number: 21310382
    Availability: on request

  • Infinite spiral

    Jiří Genzer, 2021 | acacia, height 120 cm

    1280 €

    Catalog number: 21310337
    Availability: for sale

  • Babalon

    Jiří Genzer, 2013 | beech, height 96 cm

    POUZE INTERIÉR exhibited

    1400 €

    Catalog number: 21310258
    Availability: for sale

  • Bloom

    Jiří Genzer, undated | marble, onyx, height 40 cm

    MOŽNO EXTERIÉR exhibited

    1120 €

    Catalog number: 21310257
    Availability: for sale

  • Adventure of knowledge

    Jiří Genzer, 2012 | marble, height 70 cm

    MOŽNO EXTERIÉR exhibited

    1920 €

    Catalog number: 21310256
    Availability: for sale

  • Window of my love

    Jiří Genzer, 2009 | marble, height 60 cm

    MOŽNO EXTERIÉR exhibited

    1520 €

    Catalog number: 21310255
    Availability: for sale

  • Galactic encounter

    Jiří Genzer, 2010 | diorite, marble, height 76 cm


    Catalog number: 21310254
    Availability: unavailable

  • Bird

    Jiří Genzer, undated | diorite, marble, height 40 cm


    520 €

    Catalog number: 21310253
    Availability: for sale

  • Fish

    Jiří Genzer, undated | diorite, marble, height 45 cm


    560 €

    Catalog number: 21310252
    Availability: for sale

  • Wise owl

    Jiří Genzer, 2011 | acacia, height 153 cm


    1400 €

    Catalog number: 21310251
    Availability: on request

  • Zephyr

    Jiří Genzer, 2015 | marble, height 96 cm


    Catalog number: 21310250
    Availability: unavailable

  • Seduction

    Jiří Genzer, 2020 | glass cement, height 121 cm


    1160 €

    Catalog number: 21310082
    Availability: for sale

  • Madonna

    Jiří Genzer, 2021 | glass cement, height 86 cm

    NEW exhibited

    1960 €

    Catalog number: 21310081
    Availability: for sale

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