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  • Energy

    Michael Foret, 2023 | acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cm


    Catalog number: 23310034
    Availability: unavailable

  • City life

    Michael Foret, 2023 | acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cm


    880 €

    Catalog number: 23310030
    Availability: for sale

  • Angel

    Michael Foret, 2023 | acrylic on canvas, 50x50 cm


    360 €

    Catalog number: 23310021
    Availability: for sale

  • Dragon

    Michael Foret, 2022 | acrylic on canvas, 40x80 cm


    Catalog number: 23310020
    Availability: unavailable

  • Eagle

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | oak, height 135 cm


    760 €

    Catalog number: 23310019
    Availability: on request

  • Gargoyle of tenderness

    Bohumír Hochman, 2019 | acrylic on canvas, 70x50 cm

    NEW RECOMMENDED exhibited

    1000 €

    Catalog number: 23310018
    Availability: for sale

  • Royal Family

    Jakub Bachorík, 2020-2021 | bronze, height 43, 37 a 22 cm


    Catalog number: 23310003
    Availability: on request

  • Hairy woman - torso

    Radek Andrle, 2019 | bronze #3/6, height 61 cm


    Catalog number: 22310406
    Availability: reserved

  • For you

    Zuzana Rabina Bachoríková, 2022 | combined technique, 68x59 cm

    NEW exhibited

    1920 €

    Catalog number: 22310385
    Availability: for sale

  • Thoughts

    Oto Bachorik, undated | bronze, 12x18 cm

    NEW RECOMMENDED exhibited

    1120 €

    Catalog number: 22310383
    Availability: for sale

  • Cosmic

    Filip Kubina, 2022 | sandstone, height 168 cm

    NEW MOŽNO EXTERIÉR exhibited

    2320 €

    Catalog number: 22310380
    Availability: for sale

  • Juliet

    Zdeněk Legner, 2022 | steel + glass, height 42 cm


    Catalog number: 22310378
    Availability: unavailable

  • Little angel

    Zdeněk Legner, 2022 | steel + glass, height 36 cm


    Catalog number: 22310377
    Availability: unavailable

  • Ballerina

    Matěj Šimek, 2022 | tin #1/4 + marble, height 70 cm

    NEW RECOMMENDED exhibited

    1120 €

    Catalog number: 22310376
    Availability: for sale

  • Angel with a mission

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | oak + sodalite, height 143 cm

    MOŽNO EXTERIÉR exhibited

    1400 €

    Catalog number: 22310374
    Availability: for sale

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