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  • Blue lips

    Karel Hlava, 2020 | linden, height 37 cm


    680 €

    Catalog number: 23310031
    Availability: for sale

  • Eagle

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | oak, height 135 cm


    760 €

    Catalog number: 23310019
    Availability: on request

  • Angel with a mission

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | oak + sodalite, height 143 cm


    Catalog number: 22310374
    Availability: unavailable

  • Birth of jasper

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | birch, height 90 cm


    Catalog number: 22310373
    Availability: unavailable

  • I like golf

    Karel Hlava, 2022 | lime + metal, 78 cm

    POUZE INTERIÉR exhibited

    1040 €

    Catalog number: 22310360
    Availability: for sale

  • Thoughtful

    Radek Kubina, 2022 | walnut, height 115 cm


    Catalog number: 22310362
    Availability: unavailable

  • The face of a nut III

    Radek Kubina, 2022 | walnut, height 82 cm


    Catalog number: 22310361
    Availability: unavailable

  • Christmas angel

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | oak, height 92 cm


    Catalog number: 22310344
    Availability: unavailable

  • Kissing Carnelian

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | oak + carnelian, height 108 cm


    Catalog number: 22310336
    Availability: unavailable

  • Danae

    Petr Sládeček, 2022 | oak, height 103 cm


    Catalog number: 22310303
    Availability: unavailable

  • Kalokagathia

    Čestmír Pokorný, 2022 | walnut + sandstone, height 146 cm

    POUZE INTERIÉR exhibited

    1080 €

    Catalog number: 22310290
    Availability: for sale

  • Owl

    Petr Sládeček, 2021 | oak, height 100 cm


    Catalog number: 22310276
    Availability: unavailable

  • Shaman

    Petr Sládeček, 2020 | oak, height 105 cm


    Catalog number: 22310274
    Availability: unavailable

  • Mr. Root

    Filip Kubina, 2022 | oak + walnut, height 170 cm


    Catalog number: 22310196
    Availability: unavailable

  • Peacock woman

    Karel Hlava, 2022 | linden + metal, height 112 cm

    1680 €

    Catalog number: 22310194
    Availability: for sale

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