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  • Spiritual Statement

    Petr Minář, 2022 | granite, height 198 cm


    6000 €

    Catalog number: 22310157
    Availability: reserved

  • Girl with an apple

    Barbora Fausová, 2021 | tin #4, height 107 cm

    NEW RECOMMENDED exhibited

    5040 €

    Catalog number: 22310149
    Availability: for sale

  • Girl Water

    Barbora Fausová, 2022 | bronze #1, height 104 cm

    NEW RECOMMENDED exhibited

    6720 €

    Catalog number: 22310148
    Availability: for sale

  • Organ

    Martina Studená, 2022 | ceramics + sandstone, 68 cm

    NEW exhibited

    960 €

    Catalog number: 22310131
    Availability: for sale

  • Torso

    Martina Studená, 2022 | ceramics + sandstone, 58 cm

    NEW RECOMMENDED exhibited

    360 €

    Catalog number: 22310130
    Availability: for sale

  • Dancing vase

    Martina Studená, 2021 | ceramics, 48 cm


    200 €

    Catalog number: 22310129
    Availability: on request

  • Dreaming

    Martina Studená, 2022 | ceramics + sandstone, 56 cm

    NEW exhibited

    320 €

    Catalog number: 22310128
    Availability: for sale

  • Stairway to Heaven

    Martina Studená, 2022 | ceramics + sandstone, 65 cm

    NEW exhibited

    400 €

    Catalog number: 22310127
    Availability: for sale

  • Navel

    Martina Studená, 2022 | ceramics + sandstone, 63 cm

    NEW exhibited

    360 €

    Catalog number: 22310126
    Availability: for sale

  • Drinking fountain for birds

    Martina Studená, 2021 | ceramics, 36 cm

    NEW exhibited

    200 €

    Catalog number: 22310125
    Availability: for sale

  • From heart

    ateliér Flaume, 2022 | ceramics, height 100 cm


    1360 €

    Catalog number: 22310063
    Availability: for sale

  • Labyrinth

    Petr Minář, 2022 | granite, height 164 cm

    NEW RECOMMENDED exhibited

    3000 €

    Catalog number: 22310062
    Availability: for sale

  • Golden line

    Karel Hlava, 2022 | linden + aluminum, height 82 cm


    Catalog number: 22310060
    Availability: unavailable

  • Sacrifice

    Petr Fidrich, 2021 | stoneware, height 56 cm

    NEW exhibited

    1400 €

    Catalog number: 22310053
    Availability: for sale

  • Angel

    Jiří Bareš, 2022 | linden, 45 cm


    520 €

    Catalog number: 22310050
    Availability: for sale

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