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  • Wisdom

    Jiří Bareš, 2020 | sandstone, height 45 cm

    NEW MOŽNO EXTERIÉR exhibited

    1400 €

    Catalog number: 21310393
    Availability: for sale

  • Companion

    Jiří Bareš, 2020 | sandstone, height 30 cm


    1400 €

    Catalog number: 21310391
    Availability: on request

  • Blanik knight 02

    Jiří Bareš, 2020 | sandstone, height 74 cm


    Catalog number: 21310388
    Availability: unavailable

  • Dreaming

    Jan Švadlenka, 2021 | sandstone, height 140 cm


    1200 €

    Catalog number: 21310151
    Availability: for sale

  • Rough

    Petr Minář, 2021 | granite, height 100 cm


    1600 €

    Catalog number: 21310354
    Availability: for sale

  • Covid Column

    Petr Minář, 2021 | granite, height 116 cm


    1000 €

    Catalog number: 21310353
    Availability: for sale

  • Lady of the Lake

    Radek Kubina, 2021 | sandstone, height 80 cm


    Catalog number: 21310325
    Availability: unavailable

  • Sarcophagus

    Petr Minář, 2020 | granite, height 121 cm


    2320 €

    Catalog number: 21310298
    Availability: for sale

  • Five eyes

    Petr Minář, 2021 | amphibolite, height 100 cm


    Catalog number: 21310295
    Availability: unavailable

  • Wavelet

    Petr Minář, 2019 | granite, height 91 cm

    1040 €

    Catalog number: 21310294
    Availability: for sale

  • Fast to hear, slow to anger

    Petr Minář, 2020 | granite, height 75 cm

    1160 €

    Catalog number: 21310293
    Availability: for sale

  • Search

    Petr Minář, 2021 | impala granite, height 45 cm

    960 €

    Catalog number: 21310292
    Availability: for sale

  • Lollipop

    Petr Minář, 2021 | granite, height 58 cm


    880 €

    Catalog number: 21310291
    Availability: for sale

  • First lady

    Petr Minář, 2020 | impala granite, height 85 cm


    Catalog number: 21310290
    Availability: unavailable

  • Small stela

    Petr Minář, 2020 | granite, height 51 cm

    1040 €

    Catalog number: 21310289
    Availability: for sale

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